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No more average hires, no more revolving doors

At Buchanan Tech, we know it’s not just about finding the right tech staff. It’s about making sure they stay. 

There’s no denying it; tech staffing is ruthless right now with your competitors pushing tempting offers on your employees every day. How do you stop them from jumping ship?

Maybe you’re relying on your HR team to find quality staff (and keep the ones you have), or have even hired an IT or Tech recruiter, but they were all talk - no action.

You’re struggling to fill your tech skills gaps, worried about your teams unraveling, and have had more people turn down job offers than you’d like to admit.

We completely understand the pressure you’re under.

But don’t worry. You’re in the right hands with Buchanan Tech.

We don’t just focus on recruitment. We help you shape your processes to hire, onboard, and, most of all, retain your dream technical team.

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The Buchanan Way

At Buchanan Tech, we don’t make big promises we can’t keep or paint a pretty picture of cutting-edge recruitment models that doesn’t translate into solid hires. 

We’re not reinventing the wheel here. Instead, we’re doing the fundamentals of tech recruitment exceptionally well.

We’re not afraid to have tough conversations about your HR processes to help you make the most of our IT staffing services.

We help you rip up your hiring playbook and replace it with insight-driven, tried and tested processes for getting candidates over the line, and keeping employees long-term.

So, whether you’re looking for strategic recruitment consulting or a one-off hire, we have the tactics, headhunting strategies, and experience to make your talent investment pay off - big time.

See how we do it below:


In an initial strategy call, you’ll chat to us about your business goals, who you’re looking for, and the challenges you’re facing right now - whether it’s keeping staff or getting high-caliber tech talent to say yes.


Next, we’ll dig into your company culture and HR processes. 

Telling it to you straight, we’ll identify what’s causing your hiring or retention issues and help you design your ‘dream employee’ to find your ideal match. 


We offer the quality of a pure tech recruitment firm with the speed of a contingent recruiter. 

That means thorough research, vetting, headhunting, and interviews to deliver a small number of perfect matches over 20 irrelevant ones.



It’s not just about finding great talent. It’s about getting candidates over the line in a highly-competitive market. 

That’s why throughout the interview, offer, and onboarding stages - you have our full support to ensure success.


The first 90 days are vital to keeping your tech talent long-term. 

That’s why we provide monthly check-ins to ensure you and your candidate are happy and are always here to help if there are any issues with your new hire.  


Candidate not working out? The Buchanan Guarantee takes on the risk, so you don’t have to. 

For up to the first 3 months of employment, we will give you an employee replacement absolutely free.

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