How to Scale Your Hiring for Your Tech Start Up

It's no secret that the tech startup space does not have the same resources as other established companies. If you've managed to get your startup off the ground, then it won't be long before you turn to how you'll scale.
How to Scale Your Hiring for Your Tech Start Up
Annabel Connell
Publish date
Mar 23, 2022

Research shows that there are approximately 492,156 private tech companies and 394 public tech companies in the U.S. The U.S Tech workforce has about 7.3 million jobs, and out of that, 6 million jobs are in the private sector. 

It's no secret that the tech startup space does not have the same resources as other established companies. If you've managed to get your startup off the ground, then it won't be long before you turn to how you'll scale. Growing your startup requires additional financial and personnel resources.  

Fortunately, having a good strategy to manage your cash flow properly and the growing team could expand your market horizons. So, what do you need to scale your hiring for your tech startup? Follow these tips to recruit top candidates and see your business outgrow its former self. 

1. Evaluate the Needs of Your Company 

Before going ahead with the hiring process, you need to do a lot of planning. For example, if your tech startup has about 10 employees and after a recent investment you want to expand to about 20 members, you need to identify the jobs they will be doing in advance. Focus on the aspects that will lead to company growth.  

Wanting to hire new employees simply because you have more workload may not be enough. Find out the departments that need additional reinforcement and how adding a new member to the team will benefit your company.  

Let the executives participate in the discussion to get insights into how many employees your company needs. Come up with a planned-out strategy with performance indicators and measurable objectives to start your transition.  

2. Develop a Captivating Employer Brand 

Think of your company as the employer of choice to get suitable candidates to apply for the advertised positions. Tech startups are not well known like big-name brands, so getting candidates in the door can be challenging. For that reason, startups need to develop a compelling employer brand to encourage job seekers to apply.  

Draft your mission statement summarizing your goals, purpose, and core values. Your core values and mission statement will define the reputation you would wish to have with key stakeholders, job seekers, and employees.  

Also, ask your current employees to do an employer branding survey to understand where they stand. From there, it will be easy to come up with an external branding strategy to promote employee spotlights. A good employer brand will help you gain the trust of job seekers because they'll have an idea of what it's like to work for your company. 

3. Develop a Recruitment Marketing Plan 

To attract the best candidates, you should take care of your candidate funnel the same way you do to your sales lead funnel. Come up with a recruitment marketing plan with goals that align with your company's growth goal.  

The plan needs to define the profile of an ideal candidate, the activities necessary to meet your goals, and the desired deadlines. Activities can include developing high-converting landing pages that clearly show the desired skills and company culture or ads that target talented people on social media like LinkedIn. A good recruitment marketing plan will attract the right candidates and save time since you will attract fewer wrong individuals. 

4. Display Your Company Culture 

As your tech business grows, it will create its own culture, which means potential employees are fundamental to this. A small team makes it more challenging to define specific company culture.  

Every person hired will affect your culture more than they would at a larger company. Even though it might be challenging to implement, showcasing your company culture is advantageous for job-seekers.  

Whether you offer more opportunities for growth or flexibility, it's important to share what you have with candidates. Take inspiration from other successful companies to improve your own culture. 

5. Balance Skills With Personality 

When hiring, it's more about a person. Find out if they understand your business and if they will be a good culture fit. Your team needs to act as a family to increase diversity in your workforce.  

But make sure you don't get blinded by personality. Be clear on essential skills and those that can be taught. Don't hire people solely because you like them and instead look at what value they bring to your company. 

6. Be Honest About Your Company's Shortcomings 

Working for a tech startup requires hard work. Even though you don't want to push away potential candidates, you don't want to attract individuals who are not cut out to work in the startup world. As much as you want to recruit top talent, it would be best if you also kept them around.  

Be honest and let them know that new project deadlines and long hours are always approaching. Startups fire 25% of employees within the first year, and this is because they were not aware of the challenges that come with working for a startup. To avoid this, disclose the evolving projects, work hours, and the fast-paced working environment. 

7. Build a Recruiting Team 

Internal hiring managers are good, but it would still be better to hire a recruitment agency to do work under their guidance. Combined efforts from both teams will help you find suitable candidates for each position. 

A recruiter will ease the hassle and stress on your business of finding a person with the qualities and experience you're looking for. They work on your behalf to identify the best talent for your company from a large group of people. 

Hire the Best Tech Recruitment Staffing Agency 

The decision to hire a tech recruitment staffing agency is easy as it will help save time and money. But choosing the right agency can be a little tough because there are many of them out there.  

Prioritize an agency that is an expert in recruiting candidates within your industry. They will identify candidates with the right knowledge, skills, and experience. 

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