Tips for Recruiting Top Tech Talent

There is no doubt that the competition for top tech talent is high in the current job market. With most companies depending on technology for their day-to-day operations, the demand for skilled tech employees increases.
Tips for Recruiting Top Tech Talent
Annabel Connell
Publish date
Mar 21, 2022

There is no doubt that the competition for top tech talent is high in the current job market. With most companies depending on technology for their day-to-day operations, the demand for skilled tech employees increases. Unlike before, tech experts have numerous options – they can now choose the best roles and preferred employer. 

It's no longer enough for employers to advertise a job position, relax and wait for a load of applications to come their way. In today's recruitment market, potential candidates also assess employers even more than employers assess them.

So, if you are looking to recruit top tech talent, you must proactively show job seekers that your company offers the best working environment. And of course, you must be willing to meet the expectations of the latest generation of workers out there. 

Below are tips for recruiting talented tech employees. 

1. Be Visible to Increase Reach

According to a survey by Stack Overflow, a significant percentage of tech developers learn about potential employers through media and online content, including news, blogs, and videos. It's, therefore, important for companies to establish their online presence in the tech scene- involving your marketing department in the recruitment process is a perfect place to start. High-quality and relevant content will make you stand out among your competitors.

Maintaining an online presence is not only good for recruiting the best employees but also boost your company's reputation and identity. To further enhance visibility and broaden your reach, you can consider the ideas below:

  • Add topic-specific content to showcase your company's expertise, culture, and current and future projects. Avoid promotional content. Instead, provide information that is valuable to your audience. 
  • Attend online conferences and events. Participate in existing tech events or organize your own, including presentations and hackathons. 

2. Understand the Tech Position 

Unfortunately, most recruiters and HR professionals do not entirely know the skills needed for the roles they are looking to fill, particularly those without a background in tech. 

However, you must know what your company needs to attract the best. For instance, which developer would best fit your company; a full-stack, back-end, or front-end developer? And which skills and experience should this developer have? 

Ensure that every member of your recruitment team knows the most important qualifications for your open position. It will be easier to prepare a perfect job description with this knowledge.

3. Formulate an Ideal Job Description

When hiring, most companies use routine and rote approaches prone to mis-judgment and errors. These methods are expensive and unproductive. But you can break the norm by creating a compelling and captivating job description. 

Avoid copy-pasting the exact words you used five years ago when looking to fill a similar position. Instead, learn and understand technical terms that you can use to capture the attention of the most skilled candidates out there.

With a good knowledge of tech terms, it will be easier for you to explain the job's qualifications, responsibilities, and other details in fewer words. According to LinkedIn, shorter job descriptions attract 8.4% more applications than typical posts. On average, it takes 14 seconds for a candidate to decide whether or not to send an application. 

LinkedIn survey shows that approximately 57% and 59% of all applications and post views, respectively, occur early in the week. Meaning you will attract the attention of the best candidates when you release your job posts between Monday and Wednesday.

4. Target Passive Candidates 

According to recruitment statistics, approximately 73% of top talents are passive candidates. Therefore, it would be best to direct your efforts towards attracting them.

Although most passive job seekers love their current jobs, they can't forego better opportunities. The secret to hiring passive candidates is to capture their attention and motivate them to take up new roles. In a nutshell, strive to understand what passive candidates consider a "better" position. Their top motivations include:

  • Healthy work-life balance 
  • Better salary and benefits
  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • More challenging roles
  • A company culture that fits their personality 

You can tap into the passive talent pool effortlessly through simple acts like organizing networking events, hackathons, and webinars that offer job seekers more significant learning opportunities. Also, remember to promote your company's ethical values and showcase your culture during these social events.

5. Support Remote Work

Like most tech companies, you have probably digitalized your company's operations and processes. In fact, roles related to data and information technology do not require an employee's physical presence in the office- they can complete their tasks from a remote location. 

You can locate skilled tech candidates anywhere across the globe. Therefore, do not let geographical boundaries limit your choices when hiring. And thanks to advanced technology and improved virtual communication, managing remote employees is now more possible than before. 

The current tech professionals are also looking for employers that offer work from home opportunities. This flexibility will not only benefit the employee but your company as well. 

6. Promote Career Development and Learning 

In the current era of endless innovation, talented candidates prefer employers that offer skill development and continuous learning. Therefore, your recruiting process should be about hiring the best programmers or developers and nurturing talents to help them stay ahead of the digitalization wheel. 

Offering genuine growth opportunities is a good gesture in the eyes of talented candidates. 

7. Invest in Campus Recruitment

Your recruitment efforts can quickly pay off in the competitive job market when your target graduates. While they may not have much experience, you can boost their skills through career development and learning on the job. 

Compared to passive job seekers out there, campus graduates are readily available and open to new opportunities. 

8. Keep the Hiring Process Short 

Most skilled candidates have access to numerous job offers- one huge turnoff is a long and complicated recruitment process. Ensure that you keep it simple; don't exceed four interviews and give a straightforward response soon after the interview. 


The secret to attracting and retaining top tech talent is understanding the ideal job situation for skilled tech professionals. Most of them prefer a supportive company culture, while others appreciate employers who offer them opportunities to try out new technologies. 

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